Exploring Pharo

This has been mostly a revision week. :green_book: :smile:

I have been reading Learning Object-Oriented Programming, Design and TDD with Pharo by Stéphane Ducasse with Damien Pollet. Also, implemented some examples from the book for practice, with Smiljana. We decided to practice some pair programming and revise Pharo sintax together. My next idea was to post these examples into one repository on Github, but there I come to a little problem. Posting Pharo code on git is a bit different, therefore I watched some tutorials on how to do that. One of which was really useful, so I am posting a link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9H8jsSnBKM

This video is about Iceberg 0.7 which Pharo needs to connect to git. I have managed to post some code, but not all of it. I encountered unusual error message, so I asked for help from the community.

Spend some time in creating Facebook group for Pharo GSoC students: PharoGSoC2019 .

After I manage to resolve this issue, I will start revising graph structures and algorithms.